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Trendguide offers you long-term professional and personal development in the high-quality media sector. With our business model, we address personalities and companies who find their professional perspective in the media sector and in intelligent networking.
On an independent basis, you have 2 opportunities to participate in the success of trendguide:


    You independently develop and market one or more trendguide formats in your region/city. We currently offer the following concepts:

      • Local trend guides

    They portray the outstanding offers of a region/city/destination and offer restaurateurs, craftspeople, service providers and cultural creators a new high-quality platform to network "locally" and internationally with the best in all communication channels. The target group includes both high-income tourists and locals.

      • Topics trendguides

    trendguide offers the appropriate, multimedia and international platform for special topics. Real estate, health, barrier-free travel, weddings, special fairs and events, festivals - they all deserve a platform that is effective, inexpensive and of high quality and that networks internationally across all communication channels. Which topic is "burning" for you?

      • Become a LICENSEE

    You know the media business and cover the essential services such as acquisition, design, administration and distribution with your own resources. With a small financial commitment and a fair licence fee, you can secure long-term participation in a dynamically growing international multimedia network.

    Find out today about the possibility of securing a licence for your theme/region.


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